About Hypnotherapy

Simply put, hypnosis is deep relaxation and yet it is not sleep, it is similar to what we experience when waking from a good night’s sleep, drifting, feeling relaxed, comfortable and gently aware of our senses.

Hypnosis is induced through the reduction of brain wave frequencies, safely and gently helping us find calm, inner balance, peace and release; harmony within and harmony without.

Twenty minutes of hypnosis is equal to about five hours natural sleep, however if anything is suggested in hypnosis that we would not accept when fully alert, we have the presence of mind to immediately return to full awareness; we only accept what both our conscious and unconscious minds find acceptable.

So why do members of theatre and television audiences allow themselves to behave like clucking hens and barking dogs? The people who perform these ‘showbiz’ acts are generally stage hypnotists who tend to use amusing patter whilst eliminating less suitable members of the audience. Once they have identified the most willing person they ask for their assistance and get them to confirm several times in front of the audience that they are willing to be a part of the act, that they will cluck, bark, whatever and they usually do. People who apparently control others’ actions under hypnosis in stories you may have read or fictional films you may have seen are just that, fiction.

Hypnosis is about being human, it is a part of our natural state. When practised by a professionally qualified hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy is an accredited and safe therapy that has positive qualities to calm, heal and release. There are no negative side effects for it is gentle, kind and calming, as natural as breathing in and breathing out. Hypnotherapy is a natural, holstic, healing therapy.

Due to the nature of this therapy no guarantees can be given or implied and appointments and payments are made on that understanding.